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Pulse Irrigation: “Microdose” Your Crop

For most growers cultivating cannabis in the commercial space, maximizing nutrient uptake is imperative to maximizing the quality and quantity of yields. Like Goldilocks with her soup, cannabis plants are very particular; both overwatering and underwatering can have adverse effects on yields.

Traditionally, growers will essentially submerge their crops in one big soak, giving it all of its watering in one or two cycles per day. Pulse irrigation is an modern drip irrigation technique that aims to perpetually keep the root tips at optimal moisture levels, which allows for maximum nutrient uptake.

Generally speaking, the two main ways this is accomplished are by setting up a timer based system that reduces watering duration and increases watering frequency, or by installing soil moisture sensors that sense when soil moisture content falls below a certain threshold and subsequently triggers a feeding event to bring the soil content back into the “sweet spot”.

By creating favorable conditions for your plants, you can get more yields without planting more plants. To find out more about how to do this, give us a call at: 1.888.234.GROW (4769) or send us an email at

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