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High Performance Commercial Cultivation Facility Questionnaire

1) Are you utilizing your cultivation room square footage to its maximum potential? Incorporating rolling tables and archival racks can double your canopy size + 20%

2) Are you using advanced automated systems? – Advanced fertigation systems like Total Grow Control and Rhythm reduce water consumption and enable live monitoring, remote management, analytic tracking and increased precision and accuracy in your feeding schedules.

3) Do you have a generator, back up HVAC units, and a back up fertigation system in case of system failure? – For larger, high performance commercial facilities, reducing risk is imperative. By having back up systems in place, you can prevent crop failure resulting in catastrophic loss in the event of power outage or system failure.

4) Do you have a localized, consolidated control system? – Having your lights, CO2, fans, intake/exhaust, watering and feeding all in one centralized control panel can make managing a large scale commercial facility significantly easier.

5) Are you frequently testing your water quality? - As you already know, your plants essentially “are what they eat/ drink”.. Without being 100% sure what you are feeding your crop, how can you know what your plants need?

6) Are you tracking analytics? By collecting and analyzing data over time, growers can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t, resulting in massive increases in yields and quality over time.

7) Are you using the sun/ LED lighting? Utilizing a sun assisted greenhouse / LED light set up can massively lower your power bill and consumption as well as significantly reduce some of the climate issues that can occur from traditional growing lights.

8) Are you satisfied with your plant recipes and feeding schedule? Sometimes collaboration is the best way to get the best results. By bringing in a third party consultant, commercial cultivation facilities can gain massive traction in very little time.

9) How often do you clean your fertigation system? Would you eat off of a dirty plate?... Keeping your system lines clean is imperative to keeping your plants healthy.

10) Are you planning on extracting? Quality begins on the farm. By processing you are setting yourself up for exceptional product quality.

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