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Meet The Team

Mike Banker Bank.jpg

Mike (Banker) Bank -  CEO

Responsibilities include major company decisions and implementation of overall company strategy and direction.

Banker considers himself a Hippie Capitalist.

He is currently the CEO/ President of Containerbuyers and Custom Duct Mfg. 

Currently Serving as the Chairman of the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association.

Banker is also on The Board of Directors of The Conscious Alliance, a 501-C non-profit bringing meals to the most needy of communities.

Contact Info:


Phone: 1 (888) 234-4769 EXT. 105

John Muller.jpg

John Muller  - COO

Successfully managed mulit-million dollar  renovations of various commercial properties over the past 20 years.


Responsible for day to day operations

Financial responsibilities 


Sales and resources efforts


Analysis of projects


Internal/ external customer relations 

Contact Info:


Phone: 1 (888) 234-4769 EXT. 112

Patty Bank.jpg

Patty Bank - Controller

Patty comes from 20 years of CFO experience in the industrial packaging industry.

Her Contributions include.... but are not limited to:

Administrator Services

Human Resources

Executing company financial strategy 

Contact Info:


Phone: 1 (888) 234-4769 EXT. 103

Ben Hanna.jpg

Ben Hanna - Sales & Marketing Manager

Responsible for Marketing and Sales.

Creating and nurturing relationships with customers and vendors.

Facilitate positive customer experiences 

Public correspondence and relations

Maker of Smiles

Loves warm cookies

Contact Info:


Phone: 1 (888) 234-4769 EXT. 111

Amy Pursell.jpg

Amy Pursell - Executive Assistant/ Client Cultivator

Responsible for identifying and establishing contact with potential customers.

Following industry trends to develop future sales.

Maintains comprehensive and accurate company records.

Performing minor accounting responsibilities

Contact Info:


Phone: 1 (888) 234-4769 EXT. 109

Ken Lutter.jpg

Ken Lutter - Project manager consultant and installation  specialist 

5 years as a Cannabis Cultivator in Sanoma County, CA.

Responsible for accomplishing company objectives by managing table crews; along with planning and evaluation of the teams.

Contact Info:


Phone: 1 (888) 234-4769 EXT. 104

website pic.png

Patrick McMillan - Director of Design and Installation

Electrical Apprentice

Extraction background

Responsibilities include designing and creating bid proposals for fertigation systems. Preparing teams for success and leading installations. 

Design work and Installation of wiring for fertigation systems.

Contact Info:


Phone: 1 (888) 234-4769 EXT. 113

Nick Mader.jpg

Nick Mader - Design and Installation Specialist

Plumbing & Steal work background

Responsibilities include design and installation of fertigation systems. Sourcing of materials 

Crew leader 

Contact Info:


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